Shia LaBeouf on the move with strangers for latest art piece

WASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) -- Shia LaBeouf is hitting the road for his latest contemporary art piece titled #TakeMeAnywhere, where the actor will be morphing the act of hitchhiking into a look into human connection.

Along with two collaborators from Vice, LaBeouf has commenced a large-scale travel performance depending solely on the kindness of strangers.

The project will consist of a 30-day road-trip ultimately designed by fans. They are invited to pick up the three artists whenever they post their exact coordinates on Twitter and drive them literally anywhere.

The project is about "making friends," LaBeouf told Vice.

"It's about trust, and also a journey. I'm more interested in the in-between state than arriving at a destination," his collaborator Nastja Rönkkö added. The two are also joined by fellow artist Luke Turner.

Fans can follow LaBeouf and his two collaborators on Twitter or track the story in real time on this website.

The performance art piece is commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in association with The Finnish Institute in London, Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Vice.

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