Kylie Jenner's lips really ARE a work of art! Artist recreates the star's Instagram snaps using just her LIP KITS - including quirky new blue and black shades

  • Jessie Bearden, 24, drew versions of three of Kylie's popular Instagram posts on camera
  • She used both the lip pencils and the liquid lipstick to sketch out the 18-year-old's face, hair, and props
  • The drawings include Kylie's graduation day, a promotional Lip Kit shot, and a still from her lip gloss campaign

There are millions of photos of Kylie Jenner on the internet, but one New York-based artist has gone old-school and drawn portraits of the 18-year-old reality star — using a very appropriate medium.

Artist Jessie Bearden, 24, used not colored pencils or crayons to sketch out versions of some of Kylie's Instagram posts, but the cosmetics queen's very own Lip Kits.

Alternating between the beloved lip pencils and liquid matte lipsticks, Jessie drew three all-Lip-Kit renderings of the star for the Elite Daily cameras. 

Artistic take: Artist Jessie Bearden drew versions of some of Kylie Jenner's Instagram posts using just her Lip Kits

Flashback: She used the star's new blue shades to draw her hair from this picture, which she shared on November 29 last year

All natural: Kylie's Lip Kit colors are mostly nudes and pink, which are helpful for drawing her skin

Set up: Jessie even created an Instagram post template using the black lip pencil

Jessie is used to making art — especially art inspired by pop culture — out of unconventional things. Her Instagram page is packed with pictures of Jennifer Lawrence created from pizza ingredients, Selena Gomez sketched from Cheeto dust, and John Lennon made out of poppy seeds on a cream cheese-slathered bagel.

But this seems to be her first time drawing using Kylie's Lip Kits. Luckily, the feat recently became a bit easier when the teenage mogul added some new, unexpected ne w colors to her line, including Dead of Knight (black), Freedom (navy blue), and Skylie (sky blue).

And those shades were all put to good use when Jessie got to work. For the first Instagram-inspired drawing in the video, she uses both Freedom and Skylie to draw Kylie's hair as it was in a post from November 29, 2015.

All the tools in her toolbox: She also drew a post of Kylie's from March, making use of the metallic silver lipstick

Adding to her collection: Kylie was debuting her new lip glosses at the time

The talented artist is seen on camera drawing each of the new creations

Metallics come in handy: She flips between the pencils and the liquid lipsticks for each picture

Brilliant: The 24-year-old likes to use non-traditional mediums for her art, like food

Kylie's new black lipstick was especially useful in the artist's drawin gs

Kylie's locks were actually green at the time, though it's easy to forget that with the expert way Jessie shades the strands in the picture.

She uses some of the nude colors to draw Kylie's face, adding in bits of the Dead of Knight black pencil for eyelashes, brows, and accents. She even used the black pencil to create the border of the Instagram post, with a heart, speech bubble, and share button.

The second portrait she draws is from the day Kylie got her high school diploma: July 23, 2015. Dressed in a black cap and gown — with her signature Cartier bracelets stacked on her wrist — she holds the diploma up to cover half her face.

Again, Jessie uses lots of nude shades, picking up the blues for the diploma and a red for Kylie's mouth. Even the glittery metallic shade Kymajesty makes an appeara nce.  

Ta-da! She also drew a version of a post from July 29 of last year, when Kylie graduated from high school 

Look, ma! The 18-year-old had earned her diploma and proudly showed it off for the camera

Jessie said last year that she got bored with paint and started experimenting with doing art with other things

All the colors... The Lip Kits — including these newer colors — proved perfect for a new project

Crazy hues: Two of her most recent colors are a navy blue and sky blue

Finally, a photo Kylie posted on March 30 to debut her lip glosses gets the L ip Kit treatment. Jessie draws Kylie's Louis Vuitton cap in brown and fills in her KINGKYLIE license plate in silver, recreating the image that got the star over a million likes.

'I got really sick of painting because it was just too limiting,' the artist told People last summer. 'And pop culture seemed like a natural subject for me.'

Kylie also announced on Instagram on Sunday that she had a new 'surprise' for Kylie Cosmetics fans, adding that it would be revealed on her website and paid app on Monday at 1pm EST. 

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