Pokémon Trading Cards are being turned into works of art

Tear yourself away from Pokémon GO and check this out. A college art student named Micah Jett Yates, who goes by the handle of Lunumbra on the internet, is doing something truly special for fans of Pokémon. She is taking regular Pokémon trading cards and turning them into works of art by painting over them. She uses each card's picture as a starting base and then paints beautiful scenery around them. These cards look so good that even those of us who aren't necessarily fans of Pokémon will find it hard to not want to buy one (or ten).

On her page, Lunumbra describes the process that goes into making these cards, each of which is a one-of-a-kind. She uses actual Pokémon cards and paints them with Apple Barrel acrylic paints thinned with water. The cards are sealed in gloss sealant. This not only protects them, but also gives them a nice shine that makes the colors stand out more. Lunumbra does her best to keep the back of the cards clean, though she does warn that some may have a bit of residue from the painting process. Each card is signed with the artist's name and the year it was painted. The cards are shipped in a soft penny sleeve tucked into a hard top loader.

These cards are $20 a piece, a relative steal for such high quality work. Make sure to head over to Lunumbra's home page where you can check out more of her paintings, support her on Patreon, and of course, order some cards for yourself. Also make sure to follow this link to see even more pictures as well as time-lapse GIFs of how the cards are made. Gotta beautify 'em all.

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