Karen Hallion’s fan art brings together ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ and Disney

Princess Leia as Alexander Hamilton. Stitch donning Jayne's cunning hat. Belle getting her nose out of a book to join Doctor Who in his TARDIS. These are all beautifully rendered imaginings of Massachusetts-based artist Karen Hallion.

Her work includes art nouveau takes on Galadriel, Leia, and Labyrinth's Sarah, a Norman Rockwell-inspired tribute to Firefly's Kaylee, and a series featuring the TARDIS greeting Disney princesses and other fairy tale characters.

Karen's art is available on prints, notecards, and often on T-shirts on sites like TeeFury and Threadless. Also among her work is a Spirited Away-inspired kimono for fangirl fashion line Her Universe.

Last month Karen was at San Diego Comic-Con, where we checked out her booth in Artist Alley on the exhibit hall floor.

Explore more of her sweet, fandom-combining art and see her at work on a sketch in the HitFix video below.

You can see more of Karen's artwork on her website at Karenhallion.com.

For our visit to another artist booth at Comic-Con, check out our spotlight on Mauricio Abril, who has some fun, heartwarming renderings of Marvel and Star Wars characters.

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