Watercolor Your World (Easy Watercolor Canvas Art)

Make Watercolor Art

Make Watercolor Art

I love simple, yet impressive, DIY projects and crafts. And I also love all kinds of canvas art. Canvas art is easy, inexpensive, and requires no artistic skills (really!). When I wanted a little something to add some color to my foyer, I decided to create some simple watercolor canvases, and I love how they turned out! 

Step 1: Take your painters tape, and tape a border around each canvas. I made my border width the same width as the painters tape, but obviously you can change this up if you want.

Make Watercolor Art

Step 2: Decide on the color scheme for your canvas, and start applying your first color. I made this one all blue, and I wanted it to go from dark (navy) to light, though, as you can see in the first photo, I decided it hang it upside down instead.

Make Watercolor Art

Step 2: Add a second color, blending it into the first. If it's not blending well, just add a little bit of water to your brush and apply it where the two colors meet. If it's too watery, just take a paper towel and blot the excess. Watercolors are very forgiving like that.

Make Watercolor Art Step 3: Keep adding and blending colors until you are satisfied with the end result...

Make Watercolor Art

Step 4: Remove the tape. Because of the texture of the canvas and the wateriness of the paint, you will probably not get very precise lines, even if you firmly press down your painters tape at the beginning, like I did. This is OK! Even better, in my opinion. But, if there are places where the paint is bleeding more than you'd like, there's an easy fix....

Make Watercolor Art

...just take some white acrylic paint and a clean brush, and fix any areas you aren't happy with.

Make Watercolor Art

Make Watercolor Art

For under $1 per canvas, and watercolor paint that I'll use again and again, this was quite the low-budget, high-impact project. 

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Linda is the founder of burlap+blue, a space dedicated to helping women live life more creatively. She is inspired by creativity, good books and the everyday. She lives with her husband and kids in Richmond, VA. Read more on her blog, shop her new Printables Shop, and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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