Ex-Baylor football coach Art Briles is campaigning for his next job. Where could he go?

Art Briles, 2017.

You can see the signs in front yards and the TV commercials now, can't you? Nah, we can't either, but the former Baylor football coach already waves and smiles much like a politician.

In his first interview since his firing from Baylor in May amid the football program's sexual assault scandal, Briles waved like the best of them while proclaiming he'll be back coaching again by 2017.

Where? That's about as good of a guess as naming the next president of the United States.

As detailed by the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday, a news reporter approached Briles as he was about to get into his white truck outside a Torchy's Tacos in Waco, Tex. As the reporter asked him whether he had anything "lined up for this fall," Briles tried to escape into his vehicle.

"Hey, hey! How ya doin'?" Briles said to a fan who shouted his name.

It was in this moment that he dodged a question from Stephen Adams, a reporter for Waco's NBC affiliate KCEN.

Adams:  "Did you deserve to be fired?"

Briles stepped in his truck and started to close the door when Adams got in another question.

"Coach, anything about your future plans?" Adams asked.

"Yeah," Briles said coolly. "I'm gonna coach again."

"This year?" Adams asked.

"Yes," Briles responded while starting to get out of his truck to wave. Then realizing his response, quickly followed up, "No, no — '17."

Briles got back in his vehicle and as he drove away, Adams asked through the closed window, "college or pro?"

There was no response.

So where will Art Briles be in 2017? Here are some possibilities for him to consider:

Chicago Bears
Current coach: John Fox
Season started: 2015
The 2017 season will be the third year of current Bears Coach John Fox's four-year deal. However, in his first season, the team went 6-10. If the second season produces another double-digit loss column, count on the Windy City looking for a new coach.

Cleveland Browns
Current coach: Hue Jackson
Season started: 2016
This could be the ultimate reunion: former coach with his former Heisman trophy winner. Sure, sure, they just hired somebody, but nobody lasts long in Cleveland. Not Mike Pettine. Not Johnny Manziel. Not even championships. But maybe Briles and Robert Griffin III could remake some magic in the Land.

Los Angeles Rams
Current coach: Jeff Fisher
Season started: 2012
New city. New stadium. New name. Likely new quarterback. Why not a new coach? Plus, can you not imagine what the bright lights of Hollywood could do for Briles and Jared Goff? It's like a movie script waiting to be written.

San Diego Chargers
Current coach: Mike McCoy
Season started: 2013
The Chargers went 4-12 in 2015. Yeesh. Could you see Philip Rivers under the direction of Art Briles's spread offense, though? That might actually evoke some cheers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Current coach: Dirk Koetter
Season started: 2016
The Bucs have seen four head coaches since 2008, the same year RGIII was a highly touted senior in high school.

University of Texas
Current coach: Charlie Strong
Season started: 2014
If Charlie Strong has a bad year, Briles could be a front-runner. But the Longhorns like having all the negative attention on Baylor and former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Back to high school?
His Stephensville squads were devastating thanks to their ground game in the early 1990s. Then Briles took up the spread offense and helped break a 73-year-old national record when his team amassed 8,664 yards of total offense. Problem? That was back in 1998. Everyone has mastered the spread by now.

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